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Workshop #2: Switching from a PC to a Mac

Yesterday, I went to another George Mason University STAR Lab workshop. This workshop just went over the basics of switching from a PC to a Mac and what are the differences between the two.

We mainly went over the differences in the toolbars, tool names and functions between PCs and Macs. Also, we learned about the “Finder” tool which is extremely helpful when looking for files or folders on the whole computer. It is like the “My Computer” file on a PC.

Macs are more user-friendly when it comes to working with graphics. Photo-editing on Macs is easier with Adobe Photoshop than photo-editing on a PC, and Mac’s have more options when it comes to editing photos, videos, fliers and other graphics.

Not every PC program is compatible with a Mac so Macs need software to become compatible with PC programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. PC programs such as Excel are very efficient when it comes to processing data, so there are different types of software available that make it possible for Mac’s to process PC programs.

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