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Workshop #1: Photoshop

Yesterday, I went to the George Mason University STAR Lab Workshop for Adobe Photoshop.

It was an introductory level workshop that just explained the basic tools and functions of Photoshop.

We learned about the different editing tools to enhance photos as well as the tools we could use to cut photos and rearrange objects to create new photos.

The one tool that I found unbelievably useful was the “Quick Select” tool, which selected a specific object in a photo without selecting other objects or the photo background. When cutting and pasting, this tool was extremely useful.

As a type of “test” at the end of the workshop, we had to take objects from other photos and place them in a photo of a bowl using the Photoshop tools we learned.

Applying my knowledge in that way was very helpful in that I was able to assess what I needed to learn more about.

I had never used Photoshop before, and I think now that I know how useful it is and what all it can do to enhance and fix and edit photos, I am definitely going to start using it more often for projects.

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