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Magazine’s Aren’t Looking Too Pretty on the iPad 3

So far, just one magazine looks perfect on the iPad3.

The New Yorker, Time magazine, Sports Illustrated, Esquire — they all look terrible on the iPad 3. Vogue seems to be the only magazine able to keep up with maintaining content for the new iPad.

Crazy, huh? Especially since the iPad3 prides itself on offering consumers perfect pictures and reading experiences due to its new and improved high-definition display.

Mashable.com delves into why magazine readers on the iPad3 platform are seeing blurry images rather than better images.

The iPad3 is apparently much more pixelated than its precursors, the iPad1 and iPad2. It has to be in order to create the high-definition look that people are going crazy for. But because the iPad3 has about four times as many pixels as the previous iPads, words are becoming distorted and pixelated making reading text strenuous.

And when other publications fix this problem, iPad3 users will have to wait longer for their content to download AND the content will take up more space on their iPad3.

Worth it? To me, no — but I’ll let you be the judge.

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