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Google’s Reinventing Morse Code

Google’s introducing the Gmail Tap, which as described in the video above, is a new typing system that uses just two buttons — one for a dot and one for a dash to simulate Morse code. By narrowing down the standard QWERTY keyboard to something with only two buttons, this will revolutionize how quickly people […]


Briggs Chapter 9: ‘Data-Driven Journalism and Digitizing Your Life”

After reading Mark Briggs’s ninth chapter of “Journalism Next,” I realized that all of the emphasis my parents and professors have put on time management will actually benefit my future career as a journalist. Who’d of thunk, right? Time management is essential to journalism, especially now that journalism is digital. We have e-mail, e-invites, calendars, […]


Skillset Exercise #5: GoogleDocs

Using GoogleDocs, a program offered through a Gmail account, I created a data visualization of all of the places I have been to in the United States. First I created a Table, something like an Excel sheet, which listed the locations I have been to and the dates I went to those locations. Then, I […]