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Archive for March 5, 2012

10 Google Search Tricks From Mashable

Searching Google these days seems easy for younger generations who grew up with popular search engine — and it is — but I bet it would be easier if we actually knew how to conduct a proper Google search. Usually, we just type in exactly what we’re looking for. Boolean Search…what’s that? Well, thank goodness […]


Briggs Chapter 11: ‘Building a Digital Audience for News’

Since journalism has taken a liking toward the Internet, as well as mobile platforms, you can bet that is where our audience is going to be. People reading the morning paper with their coffee and a bagel are far and distant memories that will soon be long-lost; but that doesn’t mean what they are reading […]


Briggs Chapter 10: ‘Managing News as a Conversation’

News used to be a process where audiences just consumed the news from varying media sources. Well, not anymore. In Mark Briggs’s tenth chapter of “Journalism Next,” Briggs discusses how news is becoming more conversational as media becomes more social.