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Briggs Chapter 10: ‘Managing News as a Conversation’

News used to be a process where audiences just consumed the news from varying media sources.

Well, not anymore.

In Mark Briggs’s tenth chapter of “Journalism Next,” Briggs discusses how news is becoming more conversational as media becomes more social.

Audiences are wanting to offer in-put, advice and knowledge about news topics now, instead of just constantly consuming. And instead of discussing the news with friends and family during face-to-face interactions, they are discussing the news through social media interactions on their mobile devices.

This means that when an article or story is posted on the Web, readers are commenting on those articles and stories, offering reactions, feed-back or more general information for the author as well as other readers.

The continuous flow of comments from journalism’s new audience of tech-savvy readers is unbelievably valuable — not only for the author or journalist, but other readers as well.

Journalists can know get immediate responses about their articles; therefore, making the reader-author relationship tighter.

And in the meantime, future readers can learn more about the article from past comments.

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