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Pinning Wars: UK vs U.S.

Pinterest, a new form of social media, is booming in the United States as a place for men and women – well, mostly women – to “pin” and share ideas for crafts, DIY projects, future homes, art, wedding planning and more.

And while Pinterest is still growing in popularity in other places, like the U.K., there is already a noticeable difference between the uses of Pinterest in other countries (according to an article on Mashable.com).

Apparently, the United States and the U.K. Pinterest users are polar opposites, something not everyone would expect.

Here are the shocking differences between Pinterest users from the United States and the U.K.:

  • 12 million users are from the United States, while only 200,000 users are from the U.K.
  • U.K. users are much wealthier than U.S. users
  • Most U.S. Pinterest users are women, but in the U.K. most Pinterest users are men
  • The U.S. uses Pinterest for the following interests: crafts, gifts, hobbies, interior design, fashion and blogging resources and services;
  • The U.K uses Pinterest for the following interests: venture capital, blogging resources and services, crafts, design,  web statistics and analytics, SEO and marketing, content management and public relations

As an American female using Pinterest I don’t find the statistics concerning U.S. users very surprising. But when they are compared to U.K. users’ statistics, it’s fair to say that I’m fairly shocked.

Users from the U.K. appear to see Pinterest as a useful tool for communication and are really taking advantage of the tool for content management – something extremely useful for journalists or writer seeking to be recognized among the masses.

Contrastingly, Americans are using Pinterest as a way to plan their future weddings and potential DIY projects that they wish they had the time to get around to do.

Does this say something about each country’s respective societies?

I’d like to think so.

As an American female user of Pinterest, I can easily see the perspective of the average Pinterest user in the U.S. (as I make up a percentage — however small — of the majority). I use Pinterest as an escape from work, school and obligations; to discover new ideas and thoughts and to get the occasional laugh from a meme or a someecard.

I had never once thought that this website – a website where I could basically plan my dream life – could be used to forward my career as a journalist.

For some reason, it had NEVER crossed my mind that I could use this innovative social media tool to display my portfolio.

And the great thing is: Pinterest is so easy to use.

I could post at least ten of my stories in maybe five or so minutes – it’s just that simple.

For now though, I love Pinterest as my little escape to a world I wish was real with all of the fancy clothes, beautiful homes and dream weddings.

But to be completely honest, I think our ole chaps across the Atlantic have the right idea as far as how to use Pinterest in an effective manner.

I bet we could learn a thing or two from their differing mentality.


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